Create and distribute your catalogue. Manage releases, artists and promo campaigns from your desktop or pad.




We provide monthly accounting and payments.

There is no minimum payment threshold. 




Send unlimited premium promo releases including advanced features. Collect feedbacks and advanced statistics.




Amazing feature for sub-distributors and larger label groups. Your branding, your url, Your dashboard.




Use featuring form and grow your label. Earn banners and featured releases on most important online stores.




Rich help center, e-mail, ticketing, live chat, 

WhatsApp support.

Tailored to your needs.




We chose our name because it tells you exactly

what we do: we move music.

In other words, we empower you to put your music out in the world so that you can start gaining fans and earning money as a musician.


Our process is simple, streamlined, and technologically advanced. Just create an album or EP in your user account, select the release date, and a few clicks later you’re done. Our proprietary platform makes it incredibly efficient to create your album on average, it only takes 3.5 minutes to make a 4-track EP release. 


Once your release date hits, the real magic of Move Music sets in. Using our Advance Multiplatform Delivery, we immediately send your album to all the digital music stores worldwide. Without you having to lift a finger, your music will be delivered to Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud, Google Play Music, and many more. 


Then, it’s time for you to start earning money. Again, you don’t have to lift a finger, because we do all the work for you. There’s no need to submit an invoice, or wait to reach a payout threshold: Move Music delivers you monthly payments and financial reports, no matter the amount. You’ll get paid quickly and easily, every time. 


You can also rest easy knowing that your files are always safe and always available. With our Advanced Cloud Services, we keep your music safe, secure, and accessible to you at all times. 


Move Music takes care of all the other stuff, so you can focus on what matters most: the music. 


Every musician knows that promotion and marketing is an essential step in the process of releasing an album. After all, once you’ve put all that blood, sweat, and tears into your music, you want people to listen to it! 


At Move Music, we understand this deeply, and place an enormous value on helping our users with direct marketing. What’s more, we have strong relationships with all of the most prominent digital download and streaming services, which positions you to more easily leverage their platforms. 


It’s easy to use Move Music to promote and market your album or EP. To help you promote your album through your network, we include a feature to let you import lists of your relevant contacts: DJs, producers, tastemakers, and friends. Then, easily organize them into separate lists to help you send out promotional materials to targeted recipients.

Once you’ve sent out your promo campaign, Move Music helps you measure your success. Follow your stats, ratings, and feedback to track your progress and dynamically adjust your marketing plan if needed.



Move Music also provides an integrated Custom Feature Request form, which enables you to send your marketing pitch to the most important online music platforms.

With this functionality, you can secure valuable features, banners, and playlist placement on places like Apple Music, Beatport, Spotify, Traxsource, Deezer, and many others, which lets countless people discover your music.  


Ready to get your album out there so that the world can hear your work?


We’re here to help you do that.






It’s important to us that you’re able to use Move Music easily and successfully.

That’s why we make Client Support one of our top priorities. If you encounter an issue, we want to help you solve it ASAP. All of our Client Support team members are trained to provide the highest caliber of service, giving you friendly, knowledgeable, and prompt assistance.


To make it easy to get support, we offer multiple different options. You can:


  • Visit our Advanced Help Center, which is integrated with the Move Music Platform

  • Contact us via Direct Chat on the web 

  • Get support via WhatsApp


Your client experience is extremely important to us, and our Client Support team is always here to make sure it’s an excellent one. If you ever encounter an issue with Move Music, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


No matter the issue, we’ve got your back. 



Move Music combines a simple platform with powerful technology to provide the best music distribution service available. Our flexible, feature-rich platform allows musicians and music industry professionals of all kinds to get their music out in the world and start getting paid for them.


We create a stellar client experience through intuitive design and client support that goes the extra mile. We also pride ourselves on the robust, modern technology that underlies Move Music.

Advance Multiplatform Delivery functionality means that as soon as your album is uploaded and marked for distribution, it’s immediately delivered to all digital download and streaming services worldwide.

 Cloud storage means your files are always secure and easily accessible.


Automation means that you’ll get paid and receive financial reports without ever having to submit an invoice. 

Move Music is perfect for:


  • Record labels

  • Individual artists or music groups

  • Business organizations, such as sub-distributors (using our white label API)


Move Music is the solution for all your music distribution & promotion needs.



We can’t wait to work with you. 

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